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Don't believe the hype. Tech can heighten sexual chemistry if you're conscious of how you use it. While often scapegoated for ruining intimacy, smartphones can actually help ramp up the romance and fuel sexual chemistry between couples. Thanks to app developers with an eye keenly focused on sex and erotic play, several smartphone games exist that were purely deed for these reasons. Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or just want some fun tech to heat up your sex life, app-connected sex toys are a super sexy option.

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You can use them in the same room as your partner—be it a private bedroom or a public restaurant—or thousands of miles apart. There are plenty of sex toy company's and apps to choose from, and we've listed our favorite ones below. One of the most popular names in long-distance sex toys is Lovense. No matter the distance between your partner granted you have Internetyou can connect and control your partner's phone using the Lovense Remote app. And vice versa.

Lovense has a wide range of interactive sex toys to choose from, including wands, plugs, vibrators, and strokers.

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Do you want to connect with your lover from anywhere in the world? The Feel Connect appavailable best sex games app store iOS and Android mobile devices, can pair many different digital devices via Bluetooth, from Fitbits to high-end sex toys.

It supports well-known sex tech brands such as KiirooWe-Vibeand Vstroker. If you or your partner love oral erotica, the Vibease app is one you need to try out. There you can download sexy and romantic audiobooks that pair to Vibease's wearable panty vibe of the same name as well as its Esthesia rabbit vibrator. For couples, one of you can record your own erotic story and decide when different levels of intensity will be sent to your partner's sex toy. The popular couple's sex toy brand We-Vibe offers a line of app-enabled sex toys that pair to the We-Connect app.

Through the app, you and your partner can see each other and also take control of each other's sex toys for amazing virtual sex. We-Vibe's arguably most popular couples' sex toy is called the We-Vibe Chorus. Fun times when you or your partner are on a business trip and want to stay connected intimately. For couples, the MysteryVibe app is a steamy option if you want to control your partner's vibrator. It's Bluetooth only, so you need to be in the same room to take advantage of the vibration options and playlists. This brand offers vibrators for both vulvas and penises.

So take your pick of the bendable Crescendo or the smart penis vibrator called Tenuto. It allows users to remote control Crescendo and Tenuto, download new vibrations, and create their own custom vibes. This time, however, the developer has added in some nifty new features.

Another app that allows couples to get to know each other better is Kindu. Like with Honi, it can be enjoyed by two people in the same room or long-distance lovers who are half a world away from one another. On top of this, Kindu even offers sponsored products, making the app an erotic one-stop-shop for just about everything you need for you and your partner to have a good time. No one, which is why Sex Roulette is such a blast! Sex Roulette gets major Brownie points for also being deed from the ground up to be inclusive.

We say delightful because iPassion Sex Games for Couples does something very few sex games do: emphasize communication. Another win: it's available on both iOS and Androidmaking it a great addition to the best sex game apps for couples. It works like this: first one partner privately answers a pair of questions about their sexual interests. The whole idea is to give each person an icebreaker to talk about sex and what turns them on. Another daring sex app that's bound to bring sizzle into your relationship is Desire.

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It is available on both iOS and Android. It has great user reviews and the fact that it is free made us decide to include it on our list. In this sex game, you compete against your lover by sending them sexual dares. Each dare is worth a certain of points. If you complete a dare your lover send you, you get the points. But if it isn't something you are into, you can decline and they get the points. The Sex Keeper app helps you track your sex life.

So if s and stats get you hot, or you are at least curious about how many calories you burn during sex, then you'll want to download this sexual activity tracker app.


While Sex Keeper isn't necessarily a sex game app for couples, you can surely make it one. Let it tally various sex stats and positions you've tried so you can make new records and experiment with a larger repertoire of poses. This excellently deed app not only features a range of positions for you and your partner to try out.

It also does so with its own super-informative and very realistic 3D illustrations. So if you go like to try new things in the bedroom, definitely give Sex Positions 3D a try. However, you'll need to download best sex games app store app before you can view the 3D sex positions; the App Store has blurred out these images on the app's listing. This is ideal for people who are just beginning to explore the Kamasutra and expand their sexual repertoire.

The sex position app even has pleasant background music: another nice bonus feature to help you and your partner get into an erotically playful mood. And why did we do that? Well, because Dirty Dares is one truly awesome sex game app. Packed full all kinds of erotic challenges, which you and your partner can also customize all to your liking, it really can be the perfect way to set the stage for some hot and steamy bedtime antics. Like to have sex in all kinds of interesting and exotic places—or just fantasize about it?

Tongue firmly in cheek so to speak69 Places is less a thoughtful approach to human sexuality and more an exercise in erotic silliness. If we could offer any suggestion to its developer it would be that this sex app should come with a warning: users should be advised of the risks of getting caught in public! Available for both Android and iOSBliss, like The Incredible Sex Game above, uses a dice roll mechanism to move players around a board, the result of which offers a wide range of racy suggestions.

Dirty Game — Hot Truth or Dare is a free iPhone sex app that offers an interesting take on the classic flirty game of—you guessed it—truth or dare. Dirty Game also offers an expansive variety of dares and truths. So it would be unlikely, at least at first, to encounter the same ones over and over again.

Honiwhich is available on Android as well as iOS, is all about breaking the ice, including offering great avenues to share sexual fantasies, as well as new positions to try out. All you need to do is up using each of your phones and then link the s, allowing all these juicy info and tips to be shared equally. It was formerly deed as a sex game app for couples. Pillow is for couples who want a re-energizing blast of sexual inspiration.

Pillow also grabbed our attention due to high praise from relationship guru Esther Perel, who specializes in helping couples bring back that old spark.

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Do you have a favorite sex app for partner play? Disagree with our list of the best sex game apps for couples? Please feel free to share your top picks with us in the comments below! Now let's pour one out in memory of favorites in the couples' sex game app category, that are, alas, no more. Created by SutraTaps, iKamasutra is an interactive guide to the legendary and ancient text of the Kama Sutra. This app received major points for its approach to the Kama Sutra, making it an interactive endeavor.

Yes, there were positions and romantic suggestions, but users best sex games app store also able to monitor how often they practiced what the guide preaches. All in all, iKamasutra was both a handy sexual reference as well as a cool way to encourage erotic experimentation.

Rest in peace, iKamasutra. If you look beyond its straight focus, The Incredible Sex Game had a lot of potential for all kinds of sexytime fun. Basically, it was a digital version of a sexplay board game. The sex app lets couples try a variety of sensual and romantic activities, leading the pieces, and the player, to reach the finishing line. In this case, it was the bedroom. While it was not as polished as some other titles, which is likely why it isn't around today, The Incredible Sex Game had a playful attitude, yet not enough potential to stay alive and remain on our list of best sex game apps for couples.

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