Beyond the dune game

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April The version of Behind The Dune here is now the 2. In this Sci-Fi porn game you play a famous bounty hunter, the captain Argos. He finds himself embarked in a conspiracy that will take him to all corners of the galaxy. During this adventure, you will meet a wide variety of pretty gangsters: women, aliens and robots.

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It's a quick press-your-luck game where your opponents are two AI. That game is both a porn spoof and a faithful adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune. Young Paul Atreides must collect spice to keep the control over the desert planet Dune. A mode for those not interested in erotic content is included; it drops all outright pornographic imagery but leaves the puzzles and management aspects intact.

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What is this website? I am David Balsamique, a French illustrator. With the help of my Patreons, I can develop little video games. This website is there so everyone can play them for free.

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Will there be more games? The idea is to produce a new one where I don't develop anymore, in order to have more time to do illustrations.

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I've been saying this for two years I still work on it. My priority is to move forward on a new game project. As long as the prototype is not conclusive, Behind The Dune remains in production.

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Is there a mobile version of the games? Let's say no.

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Their fluidity is too bad so I only share them with my Patreons. Windows tells me the file isn't safe. What can I do? There is a discrete button to force the program to start. Your problem is not related to the disappearance of Flash.

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I'm on IOS. How can I play? It won't work on iOS. Some people can open these SWF versions with Flash player debugger. Plan B: Videos of both games are on Pornhub. Is there a walkthrough of Behind The Dune?

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Yes, here is the PDF. Games Art FAQ. Free Games. Support the art. Free art and monthly subscription.

Beyond the dune game

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Behind the Dune