Erotic text adventure games

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Want to advertise on e? ! Lately I've been able to work on it more. I removed and replaced most of the content that was there before. Lots of new features were added and bugs were fixed. I can't write all the code AND all the writing. Writing isn't my forte, anyway; programming is. So I've made these tools so writers can add all sorts of highly dynamic and complex content without any programming experience. These are things that'd make it good for others to use for their own game. It's a bit like WordPress, or something like that, but with a game server erotic text adventure games well.

The tools run on a webserver. The game server which is a more specialized thing that I need to manage myself communicates with it and they share a database. The aim would be to finish it up so it's easy to customize and is extensible to work for all sorts of types of games, all which run in the browser and use a client-server model. The dev tools I've made initially just for writers would make it incredibly easy to have a game up and running with your own content in it in minutes. There's way more detail about all that on blog posts at www. Updated over 7 years ago.

I've had that post on my browser's "pinned tabs" thing ever since then. Glad to see it wasn't abandoned. Updated by anonymous over 7 years ago.

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How am I supposed to open it exactly, what is an htm file? I tried opening it with a proxy to no avail. Tunguska said: you know what the weird thing is? Thanks for the kind words. When I know I'll be able to "finish" it, I will make one. Er, it doesn't just open the site when you click it? I haven't heard of that happening with anyone before. Basic website files. Elements on a are all html that the browser interprets.

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I need to facepalm hard if it isn't obvious, but I only read about 10 words so far. I skimmed over the entire thing. Things like Google Maps, the parts of Netflix that aren't the video player, etc. There's posts on the blog that go in detail, the part ones, which explain how you can have a unique client on it to still have the powerful and efficient server, and the dev tools for adding content, but present it very differently. Well, I'm complete shit in that area. Now the writing on the other hand, I could be of some help. After erotic text adventure games, I do need something to do in my free time.

I don't need any help programming. I'm really proficient at that part, and another person would probably just get in the way. It's the other parts I need help with If you want to write, it's best to PM me Sadako on the forums there. And I've gotten in contact with some artists. Hopefully I'll have some cute monstergirls to show soon.

I just wish there was more to do, haha. Wouldn't it be more reasonable to create a compiler rather than a new engine, so the scripts can be run on the platforms already supported by these other scripting engines? I'm not saying it's pointless to create another, though, I'm also a programmer myself and love to reinvent the wheel.

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Lizardite said: So Erotic text adventure games the point in just cribbing off of someone else's success instead of creating your own unique and cool thing? Coding a compiler or translator is way more cool than creating your own thing. It's harder, because you didn't create the format, and funnier, as you have usually to workaround the engine's limitations.

Why do you think there are so many people still interested in NES development? Wouldn't you like to be able to run a made game in a computer made in, say, ? Hey, I remember you! Glad to see you're sticking with it. Do you still plan on paying writers? If so I'd probably be up to work on some content over the summer. Ha well. I've seen most of these before.

Erm, even if that were possible that's not worth the effort to remain limited to someone else's dated tech instead of having the entirety of HTML5 available. Why would I make something to compile to their file system, and then require someone to download their player, to only play it single player?

Instead of making something where people create story driven content that runs right in the browser? Writers for LEWD will be paid, yes. It's a matter of me getting that funding at the moment, though. I expect really good writing, of course. It's just been a few days, and it's the OP finally having time to reply to us. There is no necro here. You must be over the age of 18 and agree to the terms of service to access this. By default a limited blacklist has been applied hiding content that is commonly objected to.

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Oh, that's what you were getting at. I posted about an update to the tool. Lizardite Privileged. I don't think he would pay to the writers when he's offering his engine for free. Rainbow Dash Admin. Blimy you did not have to necro this topic.

Er yeah, that doesn't seem like necroing when I'm replying to people that had questions. Over 18? I agree and am over 18 I do not agree, or am not over

Erotic text adventure games

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