Fetish master game

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Juxtaterrestrial is creating Belly focused fetish text. Select a membership level. Legacy Tip Jar Limited 0 of 14 remaining. For general support. Thank you! Old patrons are grandfathered into this tier. Early access jar. Vignette and description jar.

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tier rewards. Provide me with a character, a description, or an image of a character and i will describe a scene with them. I will describe them doing something of your choice subject to content restrictions on the main Description will be around - words Message me with the detail of what you want.

Texting A Girl With A Foot Fetish (Real Messages)

Use the benefit or lose it. Show more. About Juxtaterrestrial. This Patreon is about disporportinately huge round bellies. My preference of fetish is for the above mentioned huge round bellies, but that often involves other fetishes. I write interactive fetish content: I toy around with games and add weight gain content. Currently the only project i have released if my mod for the simulation game Fetishmaster. Fetish Master is a java based simulation engine that i wish i had access to years ago.

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Coder Currently I have a mod released for free that I've been working on for years. It adds greater descriptions for various sizes of bellies, numerous events involving bellies, and extensions of other events to further include bellies. It also adds a of balance changes namely how stomach volume works. I'm still working on the newest update, but it is slow going because the story series, and a non fetish novel take more creative motivation ATM.

Current release download: Current release thread at Weightgaming combat and office patch Link to the current running development blog: Bellymod Devblog I will write content for you too! If you enjoy my writing style and content, take a look at my reward tiers and see if you'd like something written for you. I will not write content including: -Underage or underage looking fetish master game -Non oral vore -Anything to do with human waste -Death, mortality, morbidity.

If I reach this monthly goal then i will post 1 extra short story part per month. This will be 1 week of Monday, Wednesday, Friday updates instead of my usual Monday Thursday updates schedule. Become a patron to Recent posts by Juxtaterrestrial. How it works. Choose a membership. Add a payment method. Patreon logo. Language: English United States. Currency: EUR. What is Patreon? Can I cancel my pledge any time? Learn More.

Fetish master game

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