Games like princess trainer

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Of course, you have. Everyone has. It was a long time ago.

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The point is, everyone wants to fuck Hermione. Witch Trainer is here to let you live out your wildest fantasies in the Harry Potter universe. I like my porn games with a thick intro that gets out of the way really quickly so I can get to the good stuff.

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You're either from another dimension or, at the very least, from another country. You have accidentally warped yourself into Hogwarts and in the place of the headmaster. You realize very quickly that this school is filled with hot girls that you can turn into your own personal love slaves, so you decide to stick around. The game has a certain point and click vibe to it, but for the most part, you stay within your office. The students are constantly being sent in and out of your office for various reasons, and you play the best headmaster you can, while trying to carefully edge them closer to taking a cock up their snatch.

While he initially intends to blow your cover and blow you away, you dissuade him, and he immediately s you on your quest to conquer teen girl pussy.

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Damn shame. While the world of porn games owes Akabur a great deal for Witch Trainer, the community appreciated his work so much that a few people decided to band together and make Witch Trainer even better. Calling themselves Silver Studio Games, these folks are working hard on the so-called silver version of the game.

This game takes everything the base game did well and improves on it tenfold. They do, however, add a shitton of girls, locations, quests, and general quality of life improvements to make the game even more loaded with content. I wish I could tell you which game is better, but Akabur set the bar really high, and Silver Studio Games managed to leap high enough to match him.

Still, I remember it being all the rage in Every single porn game site had this game at the tippy top.

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Akabur really knew what he was doing throughout the development process. Now you know, Akabur changed the game, and Silver Studio Games are taking it to the next level. Show both of their Patreon s some proper respect if you are as addicted to these games as I am. Akabur really knows how to get your blood pumping. Right off the bat, when you see Hermione all clothed and covered up, you get a boner. I guarantee you; you will want to fuck her. You have to build suspense and dole out the rewards bit by bit.

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That just makes you want to fuck her more. It would break the fantasy. The community is also super active with the silver version updates, with new content coming out every couple of months or so. Plus, in the silver version, you get to fuck around with Luna Lovegood, and really who can say no to that?

The game is currently available on Android and PC as well as Mac. You can thank RenPy for the cross-platform compatibility. So what are you waiting for? Go get a free copy and stop reading this review. W akabur. Witch Trainer W akabur. The Silver Version While the world of porn games owes Akabur a great deal for Witch Trainer, the community appreciated his work so much that a few people decided to band together and make Witch Trainer even better.

PornGames hates Witch Trainer Nothing!

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Games like princess trainer

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