Games with impregnation

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Oct 17, 82 So I'm looking in particular for games which have RPG elements. I'm not the biggest fan of the more "interactive novel" format because I just don't find them engaging enough regardless of how good the story or models are.

Game of Thrones 7x03 - The Unsullied attack Casterly Rock

I also tend to look for games which include any of: rape, harems or impregnation. The latter in particular is a big favourite and ideally it shouldn't be a game where you play out the whole pregnancy, just the act of it a specifically is what I'm looking for. A couple of the best examples of combining both of these elements and the favourites of everything I've played so far are: The Company by Westane Harem Hotel by Runey So anything which sort of goes along those lines would be perfect.

For the record I also enjoyed Summertime Saga although found it a touch too grindy to be as good as the aboveMilfy City although that one feels like there isn't that much content for it yet and Man of the House.

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Last edited: Jan 14, Nov 9, 1, 10, Reactions: Kenny MyersJoginderFantabaldu and 1 other person. Reactions: u z i 3 8 5 4. Jul 27, 2, They also have a bunch of furry shit, so be warned. Cumknuckles Active Member. Oct 10, Assassini said:. May 8, Renryuu Ascention AloneXP. Cumknuckles said:. If it had to be I'd have recommended Hazumi and Pregnation I wish I'd have known giving birth while a virgin doesn't actually have any special scenes for it even though it can be done.

May 31, Why hasn't anyone mentioned Incubus City? Reactions: Assassini. Reactions: kaorok.

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Oct 15, 62 Violated Heroine isn't hosted here for a of reasons: 1. HARD loli content. That goes against the rules of this site.

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It's a fan translation of a fanmade game, with at least three major branches, and sooooo many bugs. I think your best shot at finding a playable version is this You must be registered to see the links. Reactions: HB I mean, technically it's optional loli content.

( +18 ) H RPG Games I'm a Magic Girl ~Kidnapped and Impregnated by the Demon Lord #3

The default character is supposedly 15, but looks and has the body of someone much older. The problem is, the other playable main character is 11, and LOOK There are other unlockable playable characters, but none of them are as fully implemented, and their age ranges vary. Also, again, this game is buggy af, and playing it requires some tinkering with your OS to be able to handle Japanese characters. Another issue with playing this game is games with impregnation you'll realize how many "mainstream" Japanese h-games that are RPGMaker pregnancy pregnancy games are basically clones of it, with lesser features and an actually completed storyline.

Ahh, in Incubus City some of the sex scenes that aren't repeatable in the same session are rather long, detailed, and focus on the impregnation. The repeatable ones like from the online dates or the harems are short. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Games with impregnation

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