Interactive tickling games

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Want to tie those little apron strings a little stronger? If she asks me to stop even while giggling I stop. Game over. No teasing with that word. Buzzy Bee is a tickling game created especially for babies. I speak from experience.

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Eventually, just putting your finger in the air will be enough to prompt excited squeals of happiness. Only in this version, they only get ONE guess. It also is a great way to encourage creativity. Ask them to see if they can guess your .

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When they fail to guess correctly because the House always winsyou win the right to tickle in the spot of your choice. Here are the different instruments for you to choose from:.

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The book and whole box set with tickle mitts is just the cutest. So sweet for memory making with my little girl! These little whispers and blows tickle the hairs behind her ear and will send her into a mass of laughs. My year-old house is pretty drafty in the wintertime.

Poor old thing. She just sits there, nice and cozy.

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Her presence, however, sends my little heater into squeals and squirms. This is a great tickle game for after a good nap. Not before, or you can kiss any rest goodbye! First, hide under the covers with your toddler. Did you hear that? With much excitement, let your toddler throw back the sheet and look around for the culprit. Repeat a few times, before letting your fingers crawl under the covers for one. Tickling is more than just a fun activity to play. Someday, when these tickle games are long gone, each of my children will come to their teenage crossro and make a choice:.

I want them to invite me to stay with them through the storms of teenagehood. I want their hearts so tightly bound to mind, they would never dream of sailing off alone.

Tickle game

After all, I make a great danger-avoiding lighthouse! Gentle soft tickles not pokes are a good first step to secure a conversation stop at the future Teen table. Which is going to come a LOT faster than you think! This post contains affiliate links that provide extra money for our mutual coffee habits addictions. Lay down with your infant and put your finger in the air.

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Make a bzzzzzz sound and swoop your finger around until it finally lightly touches some part of his exposed chubby little body. Guess correctly, and they get to tickle Mama. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started: The Butterfly Kiss—eyelashes against the cheek The Eskimo Kiss— rubbing noses The Doggie Kiss—a nasty tongue swipe on the cheek. Do overreact, if you child chooses this!


He will be so excited to gross you out! The Kitty Kiss—small little kiss on the nose The Ghost Kiss—blowing gently into his ear expect a lot of squirms! Pin hands down for clear access to the cheeks and forehead. Kiss rapidly all over the face. Someday, when these tickle games are long gone, each of my children will come to their teenage crossro and make a choice: Will they let me stay on board their little ship of hormones?

Or maroon me on an island and sail on alone? These tickle games provide a strong heart-rope!

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So start tying! Have You Read These Yet?

Interactive tickling games

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