Newlife adult game

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Newlife is an erotic text-based female-perspective RPG. Alternatively, you can select the female start, begin as a woman and play the whole game without changing gender at all.

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Unexpected Expectations. Do it for the Band Man. Newlife - porn game download Version: 0. Available Platforms Windows Mac Linux. Size What's New? Installation System Requirements. The PC can now dye her hair at the stylist. You can choose from a variety of natural, unusual or bright colours. One new socialisation event. First pass at the lesbian club scene. While it is possible to swap s with one of the women here, there is no lesbian date scene as yet so things will end there.

Minor changes: Added a small chance newlife adult game innocent NPCs to use the cheerful outfit style. The Impregnator breeding plot can now repeat itself, with a different target each time. Unfriending or dumping the impregnator-friend completely resets the plot to allow it to restart with a different impregnator in the future but also means that the same character could be targeted more than once if the impregnator is unfriended in-between.

Some rebalancing of NPC decision making in actions in the nightclub scene.

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Increased the of standard female NPCs by one: now the default is 4 and the minimum 3. Updated attraction calculations towards female NPCs: the PC should find other women more attractive now. Any existing custom npcs will need to be changed. Properly added hairstyles to the custom NPCs, including a list of valid values.

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See documentation for details. The enum reference has been updated with a list of hairstyles. Breastsize preference methods have been moved from MaleNpc to Npc. Bugfixes: Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Aetherial and Sight for reporting some of these. Re-ordered some of the getting-dressed text from the date scene to fix a text issue reported by Wishfulthinker Fixed a problem reported by J. Fixed a problem reported by Stochastic where characters could get duplicate relationship flags.

Fixed a bug reported by PM over on patreon where the game would error when a single PC with the romantic trait developed a crush newlife adult game someone. Fixed I think a bug reported over PM where following a load the shops would start selling duplicates of clothes you already own. Fixed a bug reported by Shardon where your babies would go missing on loading a game yikes! Extract to desired location. Click on "newlife. Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.

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Intel HD or equivalent Graphics. Windows Mega Mixdrop Nopy haven. Mac Mega Mixdrop Nopy haven. Linux Mega Mixdrop Nopy haven.

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Our version of Newlife is Uncensored. This game is developed and distributed by Splendid Ostrich, If you like Newlife, Consider Supporting the developer so that they can continue developing this game and make more amazing explict erotic games.

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We collect download links and gather them in one place from various open and public file downloading sources like Mega, LZfiles, Nopy, Work, Megaul, Anonfile etc. We do notre, repack or modify any files we share. Our site's purpose is to share adult games with as much people as possible to introduce them with adult game industry and help developers by ensuring that their works can reach more people using our platform. Newlife 's new version v.

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We last updated this game in June 6, but it was innitially added in August 3, Unexpected Expectations 01st Dec. HookApp 28th Sep. Fighting It 11th Jul. Fake AI 20th Feb. Online Girl 11th Mar. Do it for the Band Man 06th Mar. You must log in to write a review.

Newlife adult game

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