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If you are dreaming to have a baby but still feel that you are not fully ready the of birth and pregnancy simulators games will just right for you. There are a huge of different games of this genre for both adults and. Without an effort, you may find such games for children from 4 years old.


Here in this article, we collected the list of 11 best birth and pregnancy games that you can play for free. This way we are ridding you from the exhausting process of manual checking of each app on markets. Sometimes even being adults we need to play something bright and colorful that gives us a sense of joy. In case if you are really expecting, you can check for baby names here. In these games, you will find a lot of pregnant women and little babies from time to time. The First in our list is a super realistic simulation game with HD graphics and good- looking characters.

Pregnant Mother Simulator is one of the best games in this genre. The game goes with a story of pregnant women. You are going to play on behalf of her going through each process and step of pregnancy and giving birth. You will move right from the very beginning of pregnancy. So it involves all three trimesters of pregnancy including specifics of these periods.

The game includes some educational background. For example, it informs that on the first-trimester pregnant lady should care about stairs and any fallings because of the potential miscarriage.

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Visits to the doctor and other activities that end up in delivering acute and real- looking baby. The game has a high rate and a big amount of positive comments from players. The only wish that is coming from gamers is to increase the of levels thus prolonging the process of this enjoying game.

It is free with adds. Pregnant Mommy is a 3D reality game with daily care about your mommy pregnant with a new baby. Those who are more interested in the sage of pregnancy rather than delivery and baby care may find this game amusing. It is also a simulator with a super realistic environment. All members s of the family nay find the game nice to play together or one by one.

It is more suitable for adults or older teenagers that should prepare themselves for a family newcomer. This game involves doing a lot of households relate tasks even the simplest ones like cooking or turning the tv. It also includes a lot of interactions with husbands who should play a big role in the life of a pregnant woman.

The game resembles The sim with its normal life activities. There are also some problems you face in the game as in real life if you ave older. They may fight or disobey or be unhelpful. Those issues supposed to be sorted out.

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Pregnant Hospital maternity Doctor is an easy Android game that concentrated on baby delivery in the hospital. It is bright and colorful.

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It will not occupy much space in your device but it will. During the game, you will care about the pregnant mother and her newborn baby. Level after level you will receive coins for a successful level. With these coins, you can but different accessories and clothes for your pregnant mommy and dress her up. The game is free to download and contains only. No additional in-app purchases are offered to play. It can be easily explained. There are not that many tasks and the graphics are simple. There is no 3D perspective and overall the game looks very simple.

It is more suitable for adults as it includes the delivery and pregnancy stage. Children are not ta much interested in pregnancy how about baby caring. Here we come to the game that is absolutely different from all we will see in the article. Maternity Doctor Game is a game app where your aim is to be a doctor that will help women to give birth.

It is more medical games rather than baby caring. Take care of mommies and babies in the medical department for baby care. Here you will play the role of the medical surgeon and general doctor. It pregnant games online for adults you should examine the mother and the baby as a real doctor. However, the game will involve some different procedures like choosing clothes for the baby. So, there will a variety and diversity of different types of activities. It also includes some medical care treatment and care.

So, in conclusion, you will have to provide care decently and show yourself as a professional in the operation theater.

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The game was found only n Android. Pregnant Mommy is a very easy game that will suit both kids and adults. If you want to spend a quiet and relaxing time caring about pregnant women and her newborn baby without being stressed about some difficult tasks, check this game out. Here you will play the role of a doctor checking the temperature of the pregnant mommy, measuring her tummy, checking heartbeats. This is a very exciting moment you gonna go through together with our digital mummy.

Caring for a baby in his first days at home is not less exciting. Give him a shower, feed him, and play fishing with him. However, I believe it is too early for the baby of this age. The game is free to play with some adds and available in many different languages. So probably you will find one for you. ER Hospital 1- Zombie Mommy is an emergency for pregnant women simulator game.

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Your aim is to provide good care and help in an emergency situation. Pregnant women need surgery. You are making a full check-up and giving good care to the mom helping her to deliver. There are no cute smiling characters. There is an urgent situation very close to real problematic delivery. The craziness of this game is the story hidden behind. It says that there was nuclear exposure in the city and it le to many injuries. You as a doctor receiving a pregnant woman that urgently needs to be operated. You will proceed with the caesarian. You may find later that your delivery lady is going to turn into a monster on her way to give birth and will become a mommy monster.

As a surgeon, you must do all medical procedures to the patient that was injured and having multiple wounds. Here you are using a scalpel cutting the skin, in another moment you operating the knee. In the end, the baby turns into a monster too. This game is definitely not for. Pregnant girls giving birth is a colorful game that includes different roles.

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Firstly the role of a caring nurse and secondly of the mommy itself. While being n the hospital you have to manage the nurse and provide her professional care for the sake of the pregnant woman who is soon going to deliver. It includes a professional hospital instrument dedicated right to the delivery process.

Pregnant games online for adults

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