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The last three games have put the complexity of the stealth and assassin mechanics on the backburner, to the point where they may as well not even be in the kitchen. Players can once again do more than snipe targets from afar with a good bow by embracing their cunning, ingenuity, and desire to explore in order to get the big kill. As part of these missions, Eivor discovers their target sand players are given options on how to take them down.

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Of course, you can just run in there with Mjolnir and start bashing away at guards or linger behind a corner and wait for them to come by for a quick kill. In one case, this means finding a man and getting them to give you a special cloak which you can use to disguise yourself to get in close. In another, a little investigating can cause a distraction, leading guards away and leaving the target all by their defenseless lonesome. Putting in that extra detective work means encountering an Assassination Event, which is a unique kill that triggers a bloody cutscene, a far cry from simply pouncing on your target or popping out of the bushes like a creep.

Not unlike the recent Hitman games, these Infiltration Missions offer a greater variety of ways to hunt down a target and incentive to investigate your surroundings and see where the people and the environment can lead you.

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But if this is a feature Ubisoft is considering putting into the next main game of the series, then they need to go full steam ahead. With deeper exploration into its functions, these types of missions can embrace much of what makes these new games exceptional—open worlds, stunning architecture, variety of costumes, etc. For the first time in what feels like a long time, the assassinations actually felt like an important, unique aspect of the series. Having trouble getting started in the new DLC? We've got you covered with this explainer.

Sail to the kingdom of Francia and engage the forces of Charles the Fat as you participate in the Vikings' most daring conquest. Infiltrate the city of Paris, forge new alliances within its walls, and strike a blow that will shatter an empire. Matt Rooney is a freelance writer for Collider. In addition to writing the occasional article for the site, his work has appeared in IGN and JoBlo, where he currently writes as a film critic and interviewer.

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