The fappenning pics reddit

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Skip ! Story from Politics. Photo: Courtesy of reddit. Redditors were confused and furious after the deed was done, which coincided with the site releasing a statement saying it would not change its policies regarding the distribution of nude photos. Yesterday, Reddit finally came forward with a statement about the issue, saying that it was complying with all legal demands to take down photos and links, which is difficult as Reddit becomes caught between the victims and the actual content hosts.

Reddit reiterated that while it may find the circulation of such photos deplorable, it says its users have the right to post the content and would not change the site's core policies because the fappenning pics reddit the photo leak. Reddit said that in an amazingly timed coincidence, the subreddit had violated other rules such as the ban against posting nude photos of minors just as it had released its statement. But, at the same time, it has also made some hard and fast rules on protecting people against unduly cruel harassment. InReddit made a hard and fast rule against doxxing — to stop people from witch hunts by releasing personal information — with only journalistic institutions exempt from the ban.

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Sites like Reddit alone can't stop people from feeling entitled to look at women's naked bodies whether said women want them to or not — an issue that's pervading our culture, stoked by anonymity and the illusion of zero consequences. And, while it's not necessarily Reddit's responsibility to be a champion of protecting women, its stance has made it clear that it cares more about the rights of a few of its readers than making women — also a large amount of Reddit users — feel safe. The only thing worse than this would be for Reddit to have to shut down its whole site over these kinds of situations.

Perhaps better policies would not only protect women, but could help Reddit itself from being overwhelmed by legal action.

MY LEAKED PHOTOS?! (Finding my Reddit pages)

In this case, Reddit took that responsibility as its own. Medaling for Brazi.

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The fappenning pics reddit

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Reddit Took 'The Fappening' Down But Its De Facto Image-Hosting Site Imgur Has Not