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Welcome to a hell of boobs, beer, and Ballz. But of course, there was one more route you might elect to go: Adult-only video games. Advancing past the technical limitations imposed on the likes of Leisure Suit Larry and Lulait was inevitable that games would eventually come to incorporate photography and full-motion video of real nude folk. The guy game diane a focus on the female form, The Guy Game would be among the games to take full advantage of this technology. What followed in the wake of its release came critical indifference, public repulsion, and perhaps most notably; legal repercussion.

Spring break for many is a time for reckless abandon, overcoming social anxieties, and breaking up the monotony of the daily grind, all if only for a fleeting moment. In other words: A lot of girls seem to get drunk and take their tops off in public, sometimes in front of cameras. The aforementioned Girls Gone Wild series of softcore porn videos liked to take advantage of this time of year, with compilations centered around girls getting up to raunchy spring break shenanigans — flashing for the camera and maybe occasionally kissing other girls.

Relatively tame stuff to be sure, but it apparently sold plenty well and became a part of American pop culture.

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The influence of Girls Gone Wild on The Guy Game is pretty obvious, and I would assume that they shared a similar production process: Set up a makeshift stage near a bar, encourage a crowd of drunks to surround and spectate, and offer cash to conventionally-attractive women to reveal themselves on camera. His duties include introducing, asking questions of, and generally coaxing the participating ladies into presenting for the camera.

In this sense, he does a fine job of things: He has some amount of stage presence, thinks quickly on his feet, and comes across as being affable enough to the participants. The game show aspect primarily involves trivia questions, with subjects spanning the gamut of human knowledge and history. Obviously, the idea here is to start the ladies off with the easier questions before hitting them with the trickier stuff, with being made to show their boobs being the punishment for wrong answers.

By all s, the guy game diane girls seemed to know what they were getting into when they accepted the invitations and ed the production releases putting matters of sobriety aside. My issue here specifically is the way they are presented to the player in the context of the video game. But would you believe that the girl who got asked that alphabet question got it wrong?

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And if they do get the questions right, what of it? What all this obviously fails to for is the environment: The loud and rowdy nature of the filming locations, the presence of copious amounts of alcohol, and the general pressure being put on the contestants. Well, fortunately, Matt seems to have a reserve of far tougher questions which the girls are basically guaranteed to get wrong if not most folk following along with the game as well. Most of these questions land in the of more obscure historical trivia, more specific pop culture references, and stump questions from various sciences.

Which brings us to the core of the video game itself, and the questions asked of the participating players. You see, there are two stages of censorship you have to overcome before you can actually see bare breasts. In the second, you get the traditional mosaic censor that pixelates them to the point of not being discernable. Finally overcoming that second stage gets rid of the censorship completely, also allowing players to see the ly-censored footage if they should for whatever reason choose to replay the episode later.

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Hey, guess what? The rest of the game sucks too and is deed completely incompetently. Lucky Lacy being the one to read the questions and explain the game rules is fair enough, and I can understand not wanting to bring Matt back in for the additional hours of voiceover in post. Steve and Dick, on the other hand, are completely useless and only serve to quip and mock the participants — both the on-screen ladies and the players. They tell jokes that routinely land completely flat, make uninformed guesses as to which girls are most likely to succeed, and generally tend to slow the flow of the game.

As a whole, the game just seems to drag and meander and waste your time. The entire presentation of the game comes across as tacky, yet unrefined. There are lots of vibrant colors, floating background elements and other unnecessary bits of flourish that can occasionally distract from the core content. The interface is also something like a maximalist nightmare, with text and images filling every nook and cranny of the screen as often as possible and attempting to convey a half-dozen different things to the players all at once. On the other hand, the video footage is given huge bezels and fails to fill out the entire display, probably as an additional means of saving a smidge of disc space.

The game provides three different ball-based minigames as a means of breaking up the trivia: Ballz Shots a skee-ball variantBallz In plays something like Pongand Ballz Out a game where you roll around and knock smaller balls off a platform. All of these the guy game diane are boring as hell, run way too long, and control horribly. The problem is, the momentum is atrociousand le to a frustrating lack of response as you desperately attempt to maneuver.

What are presented as four or five minute distractions end up feeling somehow hours long, and I cannot imagine anyone having the patience to endure any of the given games a second or third time — assuming they can even get through it a first time without skipping then midway through. If the the guy game diane had deed some actually entertaining minigames. So, evaluating The Guy Game using the traditional games-rating criteria in failing scores across the board.

This was not unexpected. But how does The Guy Game rate as what it really is; softcore porn? Naturally, they all tend to adhere to conventional beauty standards, blah blah blah — nothing particularly surprising there. I found myself sort of pondering the logistics of the whole production. I began to wonder how I would have fared if I had the opportunity to compete? As a result of all this introspection, I was left with a lingering uncomfort throughout the duration of my gameplay.

The Guy Game - All Questions \u0026 Answers 7/20 (Old Version)

What I assumed would simply play as some trashy smut thinly disguised as a video game ended up feeling a fair bit more insidious and exploitative. Past a certain point, I was starting to feel pretty bad about playing a product deed to portray women as bits of amusement for players to gawk at and ridicule from the safety of their sofas. Naturally, there was only one thing I could do: I invited a friend over to play the game with meso I could also make him uncomfortable.

The Guy Game - All Questions \u0026 Answers 7/20 (Old Version)

He also elected to get absolutely sloshed before playing the game, which I believe could only the guy game diane in getting him in the ideal state of mind this game was intended for. As the game began to lay out the rules and goal of the game, Shane almost immediately skipped them, not bothering to hear the tutorial out. Similarly, the president can be dethroned if they lose their points lead, and with every transition of power a new rule is put into effect. Over the course of our game, we only just barely managed to move the Flash-O-Meter into the green, replacing the logo censorship for the mosaics.

By this point in the game, it may be worth noting that we had traded President status back and forth around two or three times, and we were also sick of having to pick stupid new rules every time this happened. At some point, I found myself having to play while standing up and unable to say s out loud, which I managed to do without penalty, which Shane at least managed to find some amusement in.

I countered by becoming President again and adding a stipulation to all the above that he also had to pinch his left nipple while answering questions, which put a quick damper on his mood. By the middle of the second trivia round, Shane had taken the lead again, and made the executive decision to skip all the video content so that all we were doing was answering the trivia questions. When it came to guessing the incorrect answers from the girls, we no longer had the slight window into their thinking provided by the preceding video clips, which effectively made our choices a matter of complete guesswork.

Is there anything else I need to cover here? Honestly, these might be the best part of the whole game, as they largely feature drunk dudes making complete asses of themselves on camera while Matt as the host practically makes fun of them to their faces.

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So, what would I do if I had the unenviable task of trying to improve this package? Now, what would I do if I had complete creative control and a blank slate to work with? My vision is something that presents itself so self-seriously as to be completely goofy: The guy game diane hoity-toity overproduced TV game show kind of deal — something like Who Wants to be a Millionaire — where correct answers win you glimpses at ass instead of cash. Hire some genuine models who are more comfortable with revealing themselves, put a comical of layers of clothes on them for starters, and have each correct answer further undress them.

And if you get them completely naked, you can even bring back the physical challenge element from the actual game, having them run some sort of weirdly intimidating obstacle course or something while in the nude. Am I producing high art here? But I feel like I still better understand what guys would want out of a game like this than the actual developers did.

It all amounts to a confused mess, unsure of its own purpose or goal, meandering and wasting time all the while. Though I guess the question here is, for those who actually paid money for and had high hopes for this game, did they really deserve any better? Having acquired publisher Gathering of Developers earlier intheir seal was just one of many labels Take-Two had control over at the time, before folding most extraneous brandings into their 2K Games label in late Rather than The Guy Game being rightfully raked over the coals by everyone in the industry, some publications actually endorsed it.

I reckon we should probably get a second opinion [or two] on this one. It took me forever to reach unobstructed FMV toplessness, and I was sober — plus, I was conspiring with my friends to fill the Flash-o-Meter.

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And so the game sat on game store shelves, likely garnering odd glances from curious teenage boys and disgusted looks from discerning mothers. The production crew failed to recognize her ID as being fake despite displaying obvious inconsistenciesand according to Diane, also failed to inform her that the recorded footage would be used in the promotion of and as content in a retail game release.

An appeal presented on behalf of Topheavy Studios, Inc. I contend that Diane was too young to know any better, was probably just looking to get drunk and party during spring break, and accidentally found herself in the middle of a sleazy production run by sleazy dudes looking to profit off of inebriated women. In either case, the fact is that the game contains video of an underage girl revealing herself on camera, and that pulling the game off of shelves was the only responsible thing that could be done.

In a final, desperate attempt to profit off of this human misery, Topheavy Studios re-compiled their footage into a online-order DVD release, predictably titled The Guy Game: Game Over. According to most sources, this release strips the clip compilation of any and all pretenses of gameplay, and simply provides the raw, uncensored footage of the girls answering the trivia questions and competing in the physical challenges.

As ly mentioned, Take-Two would easily recover from and continue to persist after this fiasco. Topheavy Studios would seem to fold shortly after the release of their DVD, with their website being decommissioned by early The Gathering label would soon cease to be; whether as the result of being too damaged after being attached to The Guy Gameor simply as part of an inevitable corporate consolidation by Take-Two. In the end, everyone involved in the whole ordeal seemed to come out worse for it on the other end. Nothing was gained, everybody loses, and the industry moved on while trying its best to the guy game diane this sordid affair.

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Through examining their history, reviewing their contents, and measuring their impact, we hope to bring about a better understanding of these oft-dismissed releases. Along the way, we'd like to give readers a better understanding of how the games industry operates, and the pressure put on game developers to deliver these products in [often] short order. Lorem ipsum dolor the guy game diane amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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