The mlp sims game

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Watch the Trailer for G5! Ponies Around the World - Final Stretch! After months of character revealsa bombardment of teaser screencapsand a slow trickle of information via merchandise revealswe f With the movie trailer just around the corner, the MLP Facebook has released some more screenshots, some of them older but some of th Now that's hype right there.

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We have a teaser for a trailer! In 3 days we are finally going to get our first big look at the 5th gene Looks like we've got some more insights into the world of Sunny and her friends.

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A new children's book, called Ponies Unite, has a Well, that was quick. An influencer over on Instagram has recieved a kit from Hasbro with various pony merchandise items to show off.

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Within this merch pile is a Considering those toys With their this morning, Hasbro decided to dump it all at once in all the languages they will have it available in. Everything from I've seen a lot of people, primarily on the EQD social media s asking this very question.

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Why the hell is this going on? Queen Haven - Is She the Villain?

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One thing a lot of people are noting about the trailer is how light-hearted the movie appears to be compared to the Generation 4 movie. Share This!

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The mlp sims game

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