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Support the project on Patreon or Subscribestar! The Proteus Effect is a game for adults that combines lighthearted comedy, engaging characters and story, lively dialogue, and gripping challenges with distinctive, vivid art and alluring erotic scenes to create a fun, sexy, and ultimately unique experience.

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You take on the role of Alex, a lovable but dimwitted young man who barely graduated college and is now desperately searching for a job. After being introduced to his eccentric coworkers, he soon finds himself not only trapped in the virtual world, but also stuck in the body of a nubile young the proteus effect game. How does he keep getting sent to these bizarre places? What connects them all? Can he ever manage to find his way back home? So go ahead, give the public version a try! And if you really enjoy the game - and I think you will - please consider supporting the project by becoming a patron.

Log in with itch. Also when I press on quest journal, when I click on quest details it becomes a black on the right as the attached photo. Therefore, I can't see the proteus effect game quest details and I'm stuck don'know how to active the bomb or move it to the rocks? Please help, I've been trying for 3 days without any success. I've seen some scattered reports of black screens; I'm not entirely sure what's causing it. My present theory is that it's something to do with wonky WebGL support on your device. You may be able to edit the package.

Inside the empty quotes beside "chromium-args" try adding: --disable-webgl. This will force the game to play in canvas mode, which may give worse performance overall, but I think it may help the issue you're describing. If you're starting over on Windows, I'd wait to see if you have the same problem on Windows before doing it.

Good luck! Hi there, how are you doing? First of all, the game is so good I loved it, thank you very much for this lovely exited game. However, I need your help in this as I'm stuck in Kobold's quest when boss Kobold asking me for help to defeat the rock boss. When I cross the bridg, the rock keeps throwing a stone bomb at me, and I should run to the right to enter another path, after that I find a red switch on the left when I press the switch a black bomb appears and I tried to move or to light it up but I couldn't.

Moreover, the end of the path is closed with rocks. Please help. I don't actually make an Android version of the game, so you've gotten it from an unauthorized source.

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Problems like you're describing is one reason Android isn't a supported platform. It sounds like the version you're using isn't correctly parsing the scripts I wrote, probably because whoever made it didn't give it ES6 support. There's nothing I can do other than to tell you to play the Windows or Mac version.

Noted with many thanks, so I have to play it from the beginning in windows edition. Ok I'll do that, and I'll report to you when I reached kobold quest, thank you again for your swift reply. Hey, sorry for the question, but, do you have any plans to make an android version? This is a great game and the story is really cool. Glad you like it!

No plans for an Android version, I'm afraid. Many parts of the game require a keyboard to play, which I'm assuming most Android users won't have. I'm sorry but I've got a little problem with the game. You see I downloaded the 9. I read the comments and found out that another user had the same problem so I did exactly as you replied to him but the problem is still there. I know this is probably something stupid but I'm not an expert, so please help me, I love this game.

Because I downloaded the version when I made a one-time donation to your patreon since right now I can't afford a monthly subscribe. And because of that I can't access to the anymore. No need to apologize, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't providing tech support to pirates. Aside from not wanting to encourage piracy, people getting the game from folks who may or may not have done something to it adds a layer of stuff that could go wrong that has nothing to do with me. This may be easier in Discord. I need to know exactly which version you're running.

It looks like it's attempting to create a save directory in the game folder, which is an error I might expect to see in 0. If you're playing one of the latter two versions, something very odd has happened. Also, are you the proteus effect game on an Intel Mac or an M1? Oh yeah discord Didn't think about that. Anyway I'm playing on the 0.

There are instructions for doing that further down the here, as well as in the FAQ that should have been included with 0. If that does not solve your problem, please come to Discord. Hey I've got to the part where The proteus effect game need to get buddies for the Guild. I assume the weird elf with ginger hair is who I need but he just says "wood wood yes they'll never think of that" what do I do.

You appear to be playing 0. Hi, i've just a little problem. I have completed the quest of glow frogs catch, but after i catched 4 frogs and watch the dialogue scene the game not go ahead.

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If i return at the HQ of guild the guild leader tell me about the quest as if i not completed it. It is a game bug or i'm just a noob? I love the game's story, and the character interactions. I love this game, a normal guy being put in a virtual reality simulator is a dream come true. Wish we can actually do that in real life as well I suspect it's a little different depending on which distro you're running. Proxie is correct: the exact steps depends on the distribution the proteus effect game probably desktop environment that you are running.

When you ask for such help you should provide the information on which of these you are using. There is also generally more than one way to do anything on a Linux desktop or laptop. The following should work on most Ubuntu distributions and possibly others.

The first thing is to download the game Linux version of course and extract the files. How to do this depends on the browser and desktop environment that you are running. Open the folder in a terminal or navigate to it. This registers the binary file as an executable. Now to run the game, open the folder in a terminal and type ". If you are having difficulty then, please, ask about it. When you do try to include information about your distro Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. Also, if you could specifically include what step you are having an issue with, what you have tired, and what any error messages say.

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If you are not familiar with how to use the terminal in Linux, it is essential that you learn some basic tasks with it even in the most user friendly set ups. There are numerous tutorials and guides for beginners to introduce this. You can use Goggle to find one that works for you. I love the game but there is an apparent bug in the Linux version. The game looks for a file ". There is a file of the same name at that location but with a capital "G" Copping the files and renaming them with the lowercase "g" works. I'm sorry if you are already aware of this but I though I would inform you just in case you're not.

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No hablo espanol, but if I understand your problem right, you can't complete Keeble and Greeble's quest once you've beaten the Stone King. You have to complete it before you fight him. You'll probably have to manually create the save folder.

This is in your USER library, not the system one:. Been a while since I used a Mac, but this may help. I think your user library is normally hidden, so you'll have to get there a slightly different way. This tells you how to get to a specific destination on your mac:. I was doing the imp quest and The proteus effect game portrait wouldn't load so I kept getting a loading error that would pop up and pause the game unless I hit try again. I completed the quest in hopes that if he left the party it would stop popping up but it keeps coming back every couple seconds, even on the menu.

How can I cure Razormaw Swine Flu in a hospital? As soon as I apply my cure spell on a patient, he immediately becomes infected again and the 14 does not decrease at all. Sorry about the delay! There are some bugs with the minigame in 0. I think I fixed most of them in 0. I can give you the following tips to avoid the bugs:. I think those should help. Hopefully y'all won't have to wait too long for 0. Sorry to say, but it's really buggy, it's often doesn't start. And when it start, I really can't manage to reduce the of ill people to 0.

The Proteus Effect - Gameplay

The best I can achieve is 3, for a couple of second before it get up at 6 or 7 in less than 10 seconds. I get no fun with this Which is a shame, because I really loved the game before, the story, the GC, the humor, the main character I have found 2 bugs with this minigame. First, don't save after you heal the little girl but before launching the minigame.

Because you can't heal the sick people then. Clicking on them just play their dialogs.

The Proteus Effect Gameplay #2

Second, the counter is buggy and counts 2 too many. When I heal everybody, it's still count 2. I can't finish the minigame, and some of them get sick again I may have a way to get the changes I made to the minigame in 0.

The proteus effect game

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The Proteus Effect