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Sex Games Forums. Vdategames the academy codes, Guest. Please or register. News: Stay Home Gamcore Administrator Jr. I believe it is right after lunch, most playthroughs you can go to the left, walk a few steps down an empty hall, and turn around and go back. It's a pointless option that trains the player into ignoring that path altogether. That said, if you've done the right steps with annie before lunch, you need to travel down this empty hallway.

Lola's route You can trigger the Lola scene with any code and get a blowjob from here. To not get caught having sex afterward, however, you need one specific vdategames the academy codes, as mentioned upthread. Pay attention to Lola in the photography studio.

When you pose, ask her to take your picture. When Brigette and Didi leave, talk to Lola and compliment her. Break up the fight between Annie and Holly by grabbing Annie. After lunch, talk to Sebastian before you get changed. If you want Lola to yourself, tell him to mow the lawns. If you want him to find you and Lola, say nothing about mowing. Meet Lola, Amy, and Laura in the gym. Workout with Lola. Massage her thigh. Don't grab her breasts. After you workout, she will you in the men's shower. Holly's route Make sure you work on the report in the morning this is key.

When you do the photo shoot in the morning, tell Holly the camera "loves" her. Do this. It adds to your relationship with her. Then, talk to Holly and Lola after the first set of pictures is done. This all should trigger the ability to have a conversation with Holly at lunch.

Agree to meet Holly at pm. Work on the report after lunch but before your meeting with the Principal this is also key. As you're leaving your meeting with the Principal, steal the storeroom key from Didi's desk. When you meet Holly downstairs, she'll ask to speak somewhere private. Look out for a screen where you have three dialog choices, but also a choice to click the screen. It should be after Holly tries to go into the photo room. If you stole the key, you can click the screen at this point and offer the storeroom.

This should lead to the scene with Holly. The reason why working on the report is key is that it makes your meeting with the Principal go faster so that you can steal the storeroom key and meet Holly. My principal route Be professional to Annie in front of the door. Do not go to Maria. Use the best code "A" so you're on time. Again, keep being professional and courteous until she asks you if you're attracted to "the busty teacher', then tell her you're not after the teacher and she asks what you like. Tell her its in front of you. Agree with her that the gym is a good idea.

Every time you go to the office, always work and work until you can't. At the studio, defend Holly by grabbing Annie.

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Blame it on Annie and at lunch, go with the girls to the gym. Do whatever you want with Holly. Get to the gym and don't tell Sebastian about mowing the lawn.


Get a workout with Lola and trigger the shower scene and get caught with Lola. Tell her to leave and when Principal comes, she'll see your package and question you. Deny Lola was ever in the shower. She believes you. Do some more work until you have to see her at 3 pm. Go in and be confident and tell her that you're still stressed after exercising and that you feel well. She will suggest an "exam". Do not push her into a blowjob or sex. Path 2 - In the photography studio, have Annie pose naked. Leave your own clothes on, though. Tell the principal it was Annie's idea. You do not have to work out in the gym after lunch.

At your meeting, the principal will bring it up. Tell her you would not have had sex with her. Tell her you have a healthy respect for her. She will invite you into the medical room. If you just have her stroke you, she will stroke you to completion.

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If you ask her to suck you or show her tits, she will have you jerk yourself to completion. Didi Route Choose best A code. Always be nice to her.

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After getting the handjob, the principal asks Didi to clean you up. I believe you can also continue the conversation at Didi's desk after. You can talk to Annie but this makes no difference vdategames the academy codes game progress. Approach the keypad. Either enter a code from the end of The Academy Part One or look around left of screen hotspot to talk to Maria. You only get three attempts to enter the code incorrectly before a security guard tells you to leave. If you say that you like her then she will give you a blowjob which finishes with a facial.

If you attempted to enter any incorrect codes before talking to Maria then the security guard will find you and tell you to leave. You can raise her lust level by asking her how she is. This scene is shorter if you have been with Maria and are running late. Scene 3: Conversation with Principal Valentine and Bridgette Options to raise Bridgette's lust levels during conversation.

She asks about Bridgette, if you give offensive or inappropriate responses she will end the conversation abruptly and tell you that she wants a progress update at 3pm. If you keep the conversation going she will suggest using the gym for a workout and also ask you to remind Sebastian the Groundskeeper that he needs to mow the lawns. This is important for achievements with Lola later in the game. You can also increase the Principal's lust level which is useful but not critical for any acheivements with the Principal.

Scene 4B: Exploring the storeroom Look around the storeroom.

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The most important thing to find is the notepad with three codes written on it. Make a note of code three. You will need it in the next scene. Once you have left the storeroom you can't go back. You can then work on your report to take the clock to am. After that you can leave and go to the studio session, or stay a little longer and watch Megan naked in the girls locker room. Scene 6A: Studio session After an introduction from Bridgette, you will get to take all the girl's portrait shots with dialogue options to raise lust level.

Compliment whichever girls you vdategames the academy codes aiming for later achievements with throughout this scene. There are two main directions to take when working with the girls in the studio. You can either focus on working with Holly, Lola, Amy and Laura. Or you can aim for to keep Annie, Genevieve and Isabella in the studio with you. Just before you take the portrait shots, if you choose the "Face shots" dialogue option Annie will go first. Otherwise Lola will go first. Whoever goes first will get an increased lust level.

The girls will then take your photograph. Whoever you choose to go first at this point will get a small increase in their lust level so choose wisely. Didi interrupts and Bridgette leaves the session. Then reject Annie's idea and then stop Annie from hitting Holly when they fight. Annie will leave taking Genevieve and Isabella with her. To optimise your chances with Annie, you need to first choose to work with her when Bridgette leaves and then accept Annie's idea about glamour photography. Holly will get annoyed and leave taking Lola, Amy and Laura with her.

Alternatively, if you reject Annie's idea and then let her hit Holly. Holly will get upset and leave taking Lola, Amy and Laura with her. Working in the studio will earn you an invite to the girls in the gym after lunch. You will also get opportunities to increase each girl's lust levels. Genevieve and Isabella will leave you alone in the studio with Annie.

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Continue letting her pose for you. If Annie keeps her clothes on you can continue taking photographs until Bridgette come back end the session ends. Bridgette will thank you and suggest you go to get some lunch. After Genevieve and Isabella have left you continue taking photographs of Annie. If her lust is high enough she will agree to take off her clothes. The Principal will interrupt along with Bridgette. If you are also naked, you will get fired. Holly will stop to talk with you as well. If her lust level is high enough she will suggest meeting up later on in the afternoon.

Scene 8: Leaving the canteen If you worked with Annie, turn left as you leave the canteen and find her at the end of the corridor. She will suggest continuing your studio session at 3pm. Scene 9: Conversation with Sebastian Sebastian will be outside the gym, you can ignore him, but this is a chance to pass on that message about the lawns from the Principal.

If the option to tell him doesn't appear it's because you didn't get the message from the Principal in the first place.

Vdategames the academy codes

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