Vdategames the academy walkthrough

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If you successfully completed the game then you left in one of four ways. NOTE: If you input an incorrect code you will get a warning from Darrell the security guard how many attempts you have left. You will get ten attempts in total throughout the game before Darrell kicks you out of The Academy. One of the correct code options recorded whether or not you had sex with her in the gym. The code will determine how Jodie reacts to you and unlocks scene 3A.

After talking to Didi and Jodie you can continue through the doors and head down the corridor. As you head down the corridor you can check in the canteen.

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If scene 3A is unlocked you will meet Jodie and she will invite you into the Server Room. You will meet Lola in the corridor. The storyline always assumes you have already had sex with Lola during part two of the series. She invites you into the changing rooms for another sexual encounter. This unlocks Scene 3C. Switch on your computer and check CCTV feeds. All of the camera feeds will be enabled but the camera for feed four is switched off and cannot be detected. You cannot switch the camera back on at this stage. You will need enter the seventh character from the code sequence you got at the end of part three.

One of the correct code options recorded whether or not she threatened you with blackmail. After the code check you continue up to your am meeting. She will talk to you and perhaps suggest she knows more about what goes on behind closed doors than most.

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Next you will meet Principal Valentine outside the conference room. The nature of your conversation depends on the code you gained from part three of the series. HINT: This relates vdategames the academy walkthrough whether or not Principal Valentine promised to reward you or if she threatened to blackmail during your storyline in part three.

Principal Valentine, Bridgette, Didi and Jodie are also present. Conversation outcomes and reactions during this scene are determined by whether or not you had sex with Jodie in the Server Room before the meeting Scene 3A. It is also effected by the conversation you had with Principal Valentine outside in the corridor Scene 5. Leave the meeting and Principal Valentine will talk to you in the corridor.

Vdategames the academy walkthrough she is not happy with you she will let you know. However if she is happy with you she may restate her offer of a blowjob as a reward if you keep helping her. This lowers her lust and jeopardises any chance of a future relationship with Bridgette. This can raise or lower her lust level.

Naturally this raises her lust. You can kiss her or reject her. Once you have kissed Bridgette again there are more ways to raise her lust and continue further if she is happy for you to do so. HINT: To kiss her a second time you need to push her back against the bookshelves. She will stop you here stating that it would be too dangerous to continue in such a public place. You will continue talking to Bridgette in the library and discuss your plan to get rid of Principal Valentine.

You need to get the hidden camera from your office. HINT: Check to see whether the spare key is in your desk drawer before you get the camera if you want to pick it up and give it to Holly and Maria in the next scene. You have an opportunity to hide the camera you just collected from your office. Gains Achievement Option two allows you to hide the camera in the garbage can after Miss Goodhead has interrupted and taken Governor Ramsay away.

You will need enter the eighth character from the code sequence you got at the end of part three. On your way down to the office you will talk with Miss Goodhead. On the way you may meet Lola and then Amy. Their reaction to you depends on what you have done with them before as well as the nature of the conversation you have with Miss Goodhead. Continue your conversation with Miss Goodhead where she reveals how she feels about Principal Valentine. Check the CCTV feeds. Bridgette and Didi knock on your door and ask whether you have any new information about Principal Valentine and Governor Ramsay.

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The more you can tell them the higher you can raise your influence level. After the conversation Didi says they had better leave. If the outcomes from Scene 8 were positive then Bridgette will ask you to help her find some files in the archive. When you have gotten into the elevator you have the option to try to kiss her. If her lust level is high enough she will enjoy the kiss. Gains Achievement 15 If not she will tell you to stop. If Bridgitte is happy with you and her lust is high enough she will suggest you should go on a date with her.

You can accept or reject her offer. HINT: If you ask for anything more than a kiss you will upset her and jeopardise your chances of getting a date with Bridgette. Didi comes down and interrupts. You will say goodbye to them and head back upstairs towards the canteen. Enter the canteen and talk to the girls.

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If you had sex with Lola in the morning then Megan will make a suggestive comment to you as she leaves. If you helped Alicia yesterday she will thank you. This sets up the possibility of Scene 18 with Alicia. Conversation with Laura continues until she leaves with Alicia. Lola and Amy speculate as to why Laura is hostile towards you, suspecting she is feeling jealous.

Then you get up to leave. See hint below. Lola and Amy speculate as to why Laura is hostile towards you. Suspect she is jealous. Amy admits that you have had sex. Lola is surprised and wants Amy to tell her more. They leave together. Lola continues touching you under the table. Amy tells you to stop it because she had sex with you yesterday and gets upset and leaves.

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You can suggest that Lola continues but she will leave because Amy is upset. Lola continues touching you under the table and Amy tells you to stop it because she thinks you might get caught. See hint below If you choose to continue then you will advance to Scene 13B. Doing so also sets up the possibility of Scene 18 with Alicia and gains Achievement Amy strokes you off while Lola masturbates and shows you her tits and pussy.

You need to warn the girls and pull your pants up before she sees you. Failure to do so will get you caught. The girls will be punished and you will get fired. Avoid getting fired and at the end of the scene Principal Valentine tells you to head back to your office in the media department.

You will need enter the second character from the code sequence you got at the end of part three.

Vdategames the academy walkthrough

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